About Us


The Jigsaw Puzzle Co. Ltd is a New Zealand based business which produces unique, personalised, quality jigsaw puzzles from photos or any printings which are provided by the customer. The sizes, shapes, patterns and number of pieces of jigsaw puzzles are numerous, and can be used in many ways from personalising presents to company marketing or branding concepts.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Co. Ltd is the exclusive sales representative in New Zealand, and imports and sells personalised jigsaw puzzle machines, cutting dies, self-adhesive cardboard and other related materials.

Our vision of the Jigsaw Puzzle Co. Ltd is to provide high quality services and  personalised products to you.

For more information about the idea of personalised photo puzzles, the designs , and the details of purchasing personalised puzzle machines, please click related links.

Contact Details:

Mobile:021-0310296;   021-1731191
Post Address:P.O. Box 128038
 Auckland 1541
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