Personalised Puzzles


The history of the jigsaw puzzle can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century, and since the 1920s jigsaw puzzle has become more and more popular. However, there is a limitation on the current jigsaw puzzle market. People can only purchase jigsaw puzzles from the shops. These kind of puzzles are manufactured from factories that produce huge quantities, therefore people have no choice on selecting jigsaw puzzle based on picture, colour and shape.

Personalising your own jigsaw puzzle by using your favourite photos or pictures is new to the New Zealand market. The design of the jigsaw puzzle is only limited as your choice. This product of personalised jigsaw puzzles is unique, and no body else can have the same one. Just think about what you can create.

Even more than this, the personalised jigsaw puzzles are not only intelligent toys, but can also make stylish and artistic gifts. Imagine when you give your family or your friend a gift which was made just for him/her, and it would not be found anywhere else, what a great idea. In addition, personalising your jigsaw puzzle can also be used by businesses to achieve an outstanding advertising effect.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Co. Ltd. offers you the new idea of personalised jigsaw puzzle with even more choices on the style, the shape and the pattern design. Currently there are a total 12 different designs available. The sizes range from photo size (A5)  to poster size (A3). The shapes include rectangle, circle and oval. The styles include classical, children’s, New Zealand icons (map and fern) and others. For more information on the designs of the different jigsaw puzzles, please click here.

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